Radioactive beer

The most peculiar rumor has started to spread through Prague. You hear it everywhere. But whether it is based on anything more than the usual diffuse Bohemian paranoia no – one can really say. The rumor is simply this: that Czech beer is radioactive.

Crow carnage in Canada

The city council in Chatham, Ontario, has hired men to go round the city at night shooting crows. Suppose these had been baby monkeys, or run-away children. Would they be doing the same thing? Probably not.

What’s wrong with the weather?

The average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere reached the highest level ever recorded in the first two-thirds of 1998, jumping off the charts. Six of the first eight months of the year were the warmest since records began in 1866. The warning signs are clear.

Int’l Blockade of Temelin Nuclear Plant

Temelin nuclear power plant is not, in itself, very important. We believe, however, that with its help we will conclude other deals in the field of nuclear energy in Eastern Europe. ” – Nathaniel Woodson, general director of the energy division of the Westinghouse Corporation.

What is that black stuff in your nose?

THINK about the fact that every day you breathe air that has been proven toxic in the laboratory; shortening life-span, retarding growth, stunting your development. Challenge yourself to make a difference. Think globally. Act locally. But act now.

Without nature, we are nothing.

Nature is sacred, and throughout the ages man has lived in awe and reverence of his environment, treating it with a respect born of generations of personal experience. In the religious history of humanity, the Nature Spirit appears as the first Supreme Being.


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