Brothers and Sisters on the Dinner Plate

There are over 6,000,000,000 humans on this planet. By contrast, there are just 20,000 bonobos, 120,000 chimpanzees and 50,000 gorillas left outside captivity. They are our closest relatives. Incredibly, the few that are still alive are hunted and eaten as “bushmeat”, by soldiers and workers of logging companies.

The Future Forests

The weather’s getting worse, sea levels are rising, glaciers are melting, deserts are advancing, the forests are burning, and the rivers are polluted. The Desert Reclamation Society has the answer: Trees!

Nullis no more

When Captain Cook landed in Australia, he declared it a terra nullis because the inhabitants were apparently so primitive that they could be discounted. This is more or less the attitude which most humans have today to other species. We need a paradigm shift. 

Eating Dead Babies

In the United States, those businesses which are based on the suffering of animals promote their interests through PR agencies and lobby groups. One of the aims of this PR is to persuade people that concern for animal welfare is, first of all, a radical issue that would only be of interest to lunatics and, second, in conflict with a “more important” need to care about humans.

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