You are what you eat; Watch Hungry for Change

Does your regular diet include a lot of "dead foods"? Then you might just be overweight, depressive, ill and unhappy. If you’re not yet, you WILL be if you continue…

Hungry For Change documentary

Some good news for bacon lovers (organic, cruelty free bacon only, of course): It’s not the bacon that causes the cholesterol to stick to the walls of your arteries, its ALL the processed chemical food additives that abrade the vein walls so that the cholesterol sticks to it. When you drink a Coke for example, the beverage’s chemicals go into your stomach then goes directly into your blood, and circulating in the veins, where the chemicals irritate the wall lining, allowing cholesterol to get a purchase on the surface and accumulate. Next thing you know its hard breathing up the stairs and a heart attack, or worse, teh Big C.

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I recently had a nerve trauma to my face, a condition known as Bell’s Palsy, where Cranial Nerve 7 gets infected, swells up several times its size and gets cut off where it comes out the bone in your skull. The result is an approximately 18cm set of 12 nerves get "cut", dying off and having to regrow at about 1 to 2 mm a day. Looking to speed up this healing process once the initial infection was dealt with, I started studying ways to fuel nerve growth, by feeding them the right foods and vitamins.

It was almost automatic.

Before I even read up on the subject, my body was craving fish, and eggs, and in the produce section (post-Bell’s), the dark leafy green vegetables just seemed to "pop" out to my eyes, beckoning me to eat them. I ate almost nothing else for a couple weeks, and then the cravings tapered off. My body was craving what it needed to heal. By then I had learned that there was a whole range of other healing foods out there, and three months on, the Bell’s palsy has started to show slight signs of recovery, with the bonus side effect that I feel great, have lost weight and have a ton more energy.

I also read Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It by Gary Taubes and This Is Why You’re Fat (And How to Get Thin Forever) by Jackie Warner, two books I picked up almost by accident and were both deeply emphatic about "pharmaceutical foods" like refined sugar, refined flour, high fructose corn syrup and other mono-nutrient staples of our diets. All bad, worse than you imagined.

Did you know that sugar and cocaine have nearly identical manufacturing processes and travel the same reward paths in the brain? That high you get from cocaine weekends eventually causes you to need a fix during the week days, because you’re on a buy now pay later plan. Its the same with sugar. And white flour foods, which convert to sugar rapidly in the body.

Sugar has no nutrients and takes more calories to burn off than it gives you, leaving you craving more and more, down to the last Oreo.

Both books are very informative about the glandular system’s role in regulating body fat and handling nutrition. Gary’s book is shorter, and mainly focuses on the toxic diet that litters our grocery store shelves, while Jackie’s book is written more towards women, and has an extensive section on exercises.

Both are great reads, but for the visually oriented viewer, one EXCELLENT documentary to watch is Hungry for Change, which in addition to ably demonstrating the food trap modern consumers have fallen victim to, it also shares with you useful tips on getting back to eating "living foods" divorced from the chemical manipulations that Big Agro has foisted upon us.

You can watch it in its entirety here, and when you’re done, send this to your friends so they can learn how to escape the trap too…