What’s wrong with the weather?

global warming

Even before 1998, the 14 hottest years on record occurred since 1980. University of Massachusetts researchers say that recent temperatures are the warmest in 600 years. A more unstable climate is causing record-breaking heat waves. One hundred Texans died in a prolonged summer heat spell during which temperatures rose above 35 degrees centigrade for weeks on end.

An estimated 3,000 people died in India’s most intense heat wave on record. One of the planet’s most prominent “hot spots” lies south of the southern tip of Argentina, in Antarctica. The peninsula has warmed up by 2. 5 degrees centigrade since the mid-40s. According to research by the U. S. Geological Survey, Antarctica is warmer now than any time in the last 4,000 years.

In March, a 200-square-kilometer block of ice broke away from the Larsen B ice shelf, shrinking the shelf to its smallest size on record. Last month an iceberg of 7,125 square kilometers in area separated from the Ronne ice shelf.

Scientist with the British Antarctic Survey believe the Larsen B ice shelf may be on the verge of entering an “irreversible retreat phase. ” They are also concerned about the collapse of the larger West Antarctic ice sheet, which would raise sea levels by as much as 5 meters and inundate coastal regions.

Half the glacier ice in the European Alps has disappeared in the last century. The famous ice field in America’s Glacier National Park is shrinking fast, as are the glaciers in the Patagonian Andes along the Argentine border.

Many scientists would have us believe that this fluctuation in the earth’s environment is solely a result of mankind’s adding billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year. While humanity’s callous disregard of the atmosphere is a factor in the extreme weather phases we are experiencing, certain researchers are proposing that this is just a cover up for a much larger problem, a phenomenon that has far reaching implications for all of civilisation.

In 1992 everything was normal with our sun. It had a magnetic north and south pole. It was functioning normal by scientific standards. In December of 1994, the Ulysses spacecraft from NASA arrived at the sun to measure it’s magnetic field. NASA was astonished to find out that the magnetic field of the sun no longer has a north and south pole.

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The sun’s magnetic field had changed dramatically into a homogeneous field. There was, of course, no scientific explanation. No one had ever seen anything like this before. Then the SOHO satellite was launched to study the sun for a two year period. Early in June 1998 two comets entered into the sun.

This is not unusual. As many as twenty five or more comets or asteroids a year will either enter the sun or graze it. Nothing has ever happened before when the sun was struck by a cosmic body. But this time the sun reacted in a way no one has every seen before. Approximately 30 to 35 solar flares erupted on the surface of the sun. If even two or three solar flares were to erupt at one time, this would be a great concern because of the magnetic storms that could be caused on earth.

30 or 35 is outrageous.

Further, according to the researcher Gregg Braden, the solar proton flux which is measured in PUI rose to about 2500 PUI in the late 1980’s. The scientific community was very concerned about this much energy reaching the earth. Do you know what it was a few days ago? 42,000 PUI. No one is saying anything. What can they say?

Another interesting point, on June 25th, 1998, the SOHO satellite that was watching the sun suddenly became inoperative according to NASA. No more information to us. Could this be real or a manmade problem to stop the flow of information to the public? Another interesting point, on June 26th, 1998, we had a major magnetic storm on earth that reached 6 or 7 magnitude. Usually the whole world is informed preparing us for this potential problem. NASA did not inform the public?

This is one of the real reasons for the man made global warming media meme. It makes people depressed and hides the reality of our solar seasons. We won’t go into the details of the how and why, that’s for other sites, we recommend www.disinfo.com, and www.whatdoesitmean.com.