Underfloor Heating – Worth the Investment?


Underfloor heating is a great way to enjoy a space that would normally be a bit cooler and this is typically the case for tiled areas or other hard floored areas of your home or office. Today we are going to look at some of the reasons that underfloor heating can be beneficial to you, your family or colleagues.

Easy to get advice

Underfloor heating is now very common and it is becoming easier and easier to find the right system for you with this quickly improving technology. There are a number of retailers and also sites, like colglo.co.uk, that have a range of experts to help you to make a decision about your underfloor heating needs. It is as simple as knowing some information about your current flooring or potential flooring (if you are building a new home) and the professionals can assist you with the various options available.

Heat rises

There is the old saying that heat rises and this is especially true for floor heating. A warmer floor means that the room in general will be warmer and can really add to the coziness factor of a room. This is such a great idea for a room like a bathroom that typically is not thought of as particularly pleasant, particularly in the morning on a cold winter day. The fact that the heat comes from the floor means that the room is much effectively heated as each part of the room is naturally covered from bottom to top, whereas a normal heater would heat the room from only one part of the room, meaning it would not heat up evenly and efficiently.

Allows for flexibility

One of the best things about underfloor heating is that it allows a degree of flexibility when it comes to certain rooms in the house. One of the prime examples is having underfloor heating in your conservatory, this will allow you to effectively extend your entertaining area past your kitchen and is perfect for events at your home or office that require that extra space, but you don’t want to have to manage on a regular basis.

Space saving
We have already talked about the ability of underfloor heating to be flexible and allow you to open up and use spaces that you probably never considered using before. Another distinct advantage of these types of systems is that they save space because they are conveniently underneath the floor and there is no need for a large radiator or heater unit in the room. This would especially be the case with large heated rooms or even small rooms where space is at a premium.