Tips For Beautiful Flower Beds

Spring is here and there is nothing like stunning flower beds to ramp up your curb appeal and the overall beauty of your lawn. If you’ve long admired the flower beds in your neighbor’s yards but are too intimidated to take the plunge, follow these tips from the professionals and your yard will be full of color in no time.  A successful flower garden is more about the time and effort put into it than the money. A little planning goes a long way. Plan a nice massage as a reward for a job well done after you’ve finished with your planting. You’ll be glad you did!

Determine if the beds you’ve selected for your flower garden received full sun or partial sun during the hot summer months.  If you’ve decided to use potting containers instead of planting directly in a flower bed, know the sun penetration in the location you’ve selected for the pots.  The amount of sunlight will determine the types of annual flowers to purchase.  The quality of the soil is a huge determining factor in the health of your plants. If you’ve selected a bed that’s never had flowers planted in it before, it’s strongly recommended to add at least five inches of quality potting soil to the area. Before spreading the potting soil, loosen the existing dirt, then spread the potting soil and mix it in with the existing soil. The combination should be very loose to allow the delicate roots of the flowers to spread.

Select flowers with varying heights and colors. The taller flowers should be planted in the center of the pots or beds, with trailing, low height flowers placed on the outside. This will result in a nice volume of flowers. Protect flowers from direct sun for at least one day after planting.  Water the beds and pots thoroughly without drowning the flowers. As flowers bloom and grow, gently cut them back so the stems won’t become spindly and the flowers will continue to blossom. Enjoy your beautiful flower beds for the entire summer!