The Wacky World of Climate Change

Climate change is nothing new…. as long as there’s been a climate, there has been changes in it.

In fact, the gas life depends on, O2, is itself a pollutant, the discarded part of Carbon dioxide from the respiration of the earliest autotrophs. But that was then and this is now…

A lot of credit goes to Al Gore for his An Inconvenient Truth, but did you know that if you rewind to the Age of VCRs, there was a two cassette documentary called After the Warming which added a creative touch to the same exact message Al Gore repeated years later. This documentary reveals itself as a documentary from the future, long after mankind dealt with the destruction caused by poor stewardship of the planet Earth.


If you go all the way back to 1958, Frank Capra made a well known educational documentary entitled Unchained Goddess for Bell Labs sponsored TV program “The Bell Telephone Hour”.


This excerpt above is from their television program “The Bell Telephone Hour.” It was so well made, that it went on to educate generation after generations of bored students in middle school science classrooms across the nation for decades. For decades scientists AND the citizenry have known!

Fifty years before Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth,” this staple of science class warned
about global warming. This just shows that our scientists have known about this danger since WWII, and we have idiots arguing about stolen emails “proving” it’s a ll a hoax. And if you watched the opening of today’s Climate Summit in Copenhagen (Hopenhagen), you must be shaking your head in disgust at China’s and America’s (Chimerica) politicians chosing to ignore the dangerous implications until it really will be too late to avoid the preventable consequences.

Perhaps we deserve our fate.