The Future Forests

the color of peace

Trees are the ultimate in climate control and water storage systems. One decent sized tree has sixty acres of leaves busy transpiring and storing water.

PLANT TREES! The Tree Rescue Service will collect seedlings, trees, timber, and compost to start a forest for export to the Sahara. Fruit trees irrigated by the wastewater of London will fertilise the ancient deserts of Africa. The Kyoto Protocol will fund tree-planting to keep carbon dioxide locked out of the now shrinking atmosphere. 1000 trees planted now will hold 1000 tons of carbon in ten years time.

EARN MONEY! That’s ?50,000. All you need to do is join the Desert Reclamation Society, who will find the land, count the trees, negotiate with the authorities, collect the money, and save the world. What could be simpler? Start saving the world today. Grab your spare compost, transplant your unwanted trees, and put them on the nearest piece of vacant land.

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We have the land; all we need is your pick-up truck, time, and money. The Desert Reclamation Society is a charitable effort supporting the Tree Rescue Service.

The Tree Rescue Service plans to visit local schools and ask children to plant their orange and apple pips using whatever pots and compost that is lying about in their garden sheds. The Desert Reclamation Society will plant the trees, care for them, and negotiate planet saving payments from the UN.

DO SOMETHING! The new millennium has already arrived. Now, do something for the future. Help ship trees, water, people and materials to the deserts of Africa, to start repairing some of the damage that squillions of men over millions of years have been doing.

BUILD A CITY! All of our cities are old. A new city in the desert, surrounded by forests of fruit trees will belong to the people who help to build it. The architect has been hired; the plans have been laid. The car is dead.

The future is the desert. We must take our trees and water into the dry lands and start building where there is space, where the soil is stony, the sand blows, and the silence goes on for thousands of miles.

TRAVEL! Our future is in the desert, join us for in the Sahara. Be somewhere hot and do something cool for the next thousand years. Forget those ineffectual IMF protests and make real change happen!

CONTACT US! The Desert Reclamation Society

8 New Houses, Bridford, Devon, EX6 7HL, + 01647 253 030, email: [email protected] or phone + 0181 889 7602, (Dead link)