Seven billion people and the future of the Earth

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It was just October a year ago that the U.N. Population Fund declared that the earth in now home to about 7 billion people. And the population is growing quickly, there are approximately 490,000 babies born every day worldwide, meaning earth’s population should hit 8 billion in justanother 14 years, much quicker than the 123 years it took us to go from 1 billion to 2 billion.

Humans now can be found on about half of the world’s landmass, and it is said there are few places left you can go and not see some signs of human activity. It really adds up. How much? Masters Degree Online did the math and found that while people total just .00018% of the earth’s biomass, we use 20% of its resources.

     The Earth – and Its Average Inhabitant – at 7 Billion People (Infographic)