Reupholster your sofa and help the environment

Do you remember that lovely old sofa your parents had when you were a child? The one that when you sat in it you were totally enveloped in a feeling of safety and security. Don’t you wonder whatever happened to it? Now you have reached the stage where your own comfy sofa has seen better days and you face a dilemma, do you throw it out and replace with a new or have it restored to its former glory.


Nowadays we live in a throwaway society leading a fast and hectic way of life where the simple option is to buy new. Consider the alternative of having of having old faithful reupholstered. Take time to consider the choices. A new sofa will probably not last as long as older furniture that has been built by craftsmen rather than a mass-produced factory product. By not choosing to buy new you are also doing your bit for the environment reducing the carbon emissions that huge factories pump into air. If you decide to cast out that lovely old sofa it will end up on one of those ghastly landfill sites and provide a good home for a family of rodents. The decision you reach will have an environmental impact on all of us.

My wife and I recently face the problem of new or reupholstered. The old sofa had seen three generations of our family and we were reluctant to bid farewell to it. We compared the cost of a decent quality new one to having the old one reupholstered and found there was very little difference. We knew the frame was sturdy and of superior quality to that of a new buy sofa so we opted for reupholstering. After trawling the Internet we found and from start to finish we were delighted with the entire process. They stripped old faithful back to its frame and completely re-built her. The finished product was a joy to behold. My wife chose one of the hundreds of fabrics available, something to blend in with our other furniture. Now when family or friends come to visit the question always asked is, “whatever did you do with your old sofa?”  Whenever I leave my imprint on our lovely sofa I do so secure in the knowledge that I have reduced my carbon footprint.