People, people, people, listen up!

roy lichentstien

I?used to have one black spot that clouded my mind and ability to think clearly. It was about what existed at the end of our galaxy. Sort of what comes next, is there another galaxy and if so what is after that one? Now I have two blind spots, this new one being: how can life on earth continue to exist when all we do is destroy and pollute?

With the supersonic development occurring in China, the rapid growth of India and with many eastern bloc countries rapid emergence the earth’s resources are being stretched like an elastic band fastened to a runaway train. Humanity has always eaten delicately at what is around and abundant; oil, coal, minerals and trees endlessly bear the brunt of mans insatiable demand, but the process has been slow and more akin to granddad mouse at 200lb cheddar!

Now though our attack against earths yield is like a shark’s dinner, not much of it and easily put away. We are so busy exploring deeper, mining faster and deforesting quicker than ever before that nobody seems to realize that this cannot continue indefinitely without reaction or end.

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Maybe when the driller on his platform gets a phone call from the other side of the world to say that his drill bit has punched through, maybe when some French coal miners are abruptly faced with some dusty and disheveled and very confused Australians with black faces will the coin click home and maybe when the Canadian forestry industry grinds to a halt because there just isn’t one single tree left to cut then humans will realize that they have gone too far! But then that would be far too late now wouldn’t it?

We are committing suicide and killing our children. If we don’t die from choked up lungs, cancer or lack of food then it will be through war as nations fight to keep the last weeping willow, the last puddle of oil or the last embers of an already dead fire for themselves.

Who will eat that last biscuit on the plate?