Keeping the school green

A greater number of schools around the UK are now looking to work towards a greener future, attempting to make their operation more eco-friendly along the way.

There are many ways to do this – the use of solar panels, rainwater recycling for use in toilets and energy saving lights, for example.

However, for many, working with a green contract cleaner with expertise in the area can be the best tactic. These will know the right sort of products and cleaning methods to use so that the school itself is making a better impact on the environment.

The right cleaning company will not only know how to bring their own green operation to the school, but many will be able to advise schools on how they can go about making their carbon footprint less significant and focus on bringing their green credentials into line.

But what other ways can schools look to improve their carbon footprint?

Make green a focus

Becoming more green and environmentally-friendly starts with getting the mindset right, and this goes for staff as much as it does for the pupils.

Try putting posters and leaflets around the school that explain what it means to go green and why this is important. If people know what they are working towards it can make them feel a little more interested in actually getting involved.

Set up recycling stations

Getting people into the mindset of recycling can be difficult if it’s not something they’ve done in the past, so make it as easy for them as you possibly can.

Brightly coloured recycling bins in the key areas of the school such as classrooms, the dining halls and playgrounds will all make sure pupil’s eyes are caught when they need to throw something away and will bring recycling to the forefront of their minds.

You could even have recycling cartoon mascots that pupils can get to know so that they get on board with the idea of recycling. It’s all about making it an exciting concept to get kids thinking about the notion and having a desire to recycle rather than just throwing things away.

Make it a competition

What better way to get youngsters involved with something than turning what they might find to be a boring subject at first into a contest? An element of competition will always make pupils want to be the best.

You might like to run a contest between different classrooms to see which can recycle the most items and then reward them with a prize. This simple move can instil a desire to recycle in the minds of young people and will make sure it’s something they continue doing for years to come.

Bring in guest speakers

If you run assemblies or workshops for pupils at the school, bringing in someone from outside to talk about the notion of recycling is a good way to get pupils interested in the concept.

If it’s just their teacher talking to them about the idea, it might feel like just another lesson for pupils, but bringing in someone they have never seen before who is an expert in the field will help them see it in a new light and help them to get excited about the idea of recycling.