How To Keep Your Teeth Whiter


Keeping your teeth whiter doesn’t have to be hard, you just have to know how and I have written this article to tell you a bit more about things you can do to actually keep your teeth looking whiter. Read on to find out my tips for whiter teeth.

Generally speaking there are two things that can really influence your teeth becoming stained and discoloured over time and these are: diet and care.


There are many foods and drinks that can act to stain the teeth and examples of this are things like tea, coffee, red wine and berries. It is a good idea to avoid consuming too much of these or your teeth may become prone to staining. For drinks like tea and coffee, it can help to have milk in them and this will prevent your teeth from becoming stained from them. Another good idea is to go for lighter varieties of each, because these are less likely to stain or discolour.

When consuming any food or drink that is likely to stain your teeth, it is a really great idea to rinse the mouth out or drink water immediately after and this will clear the residue from the teeth.


Of course brushing regularly can help to keep stains at bay, but it is important to realise that staining is not necessarily a bad thing, especially because it does happen to the teeth naturally over time due to the food and drinks we consume. A great way to minimise this is by using a whitening toothpaste, which will have a substance like hydrogen, which acts to whiten your teeth.

Flossing is also another important part of maintaining your teeth properly and it helps to prevent the buildup of calculus, which is hardened deposits of plaque that are yellow in colour.

Going to the hygienist to have a professional clean is another way to keep your teeth cleaner, whiter and also less prone to staining. A hygienist will remove plaque, bacteria and other buildup from the teeth, which will make the teeth appear whiter and they will actually feel much cleaner.

Other tips

Some other tips that can reduce the chance of your teeth becoming stained are things like drinking with a straw (avoids contact with the liquid with the teeth) and avoiding smoking, which can discolour the teeth over time

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