Hemp For Fuel T-Shirts from Hawaii

hemp fuel t-shirt

This is a message that promotes the truth about pot. If this is something your mind can’t tolerate, go back to your beer and TV and listen to Fox News go on and on about the evils of hemp addiction…

If on the other hand, you have a brain and are looking for a way to promote the one natural substance that can improve almost every industrial sector it plays in, you and your friends will love wearing these incredibly groovy informative T-shirts to spread the word, a powerful tool in the war of information, which is the only way a final victory will ever be won in our battle to legalize hemp. The free speech issue and the artwork are why they continue to be the top selling T-shirt at the Hemp House in Paia, Maui, Hawaii. 

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William Ballentine, the shirt’s artist, like you and I, supports legalizing hemp of all types. Thanks to the justness of the cause and the inherent benefits of hemp, and the tireless efforts of legalization groups and thinking people like you, we’re making great strides toward eliminating the rights infringing "War on Drugs," that is in all actuality a war of control against the people of America and the world. It’s all about fuel and control.

While special interest groups aligned against the industrial and personal use of hemp seem to control the media, they and the government they fund with lobbyist dollars have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo to ensure continued toxic petroleum-based industrial manufacture. I recently read that 73% of Americans now favor the complete legalization of marijuana. (Small wonder, when prescription drugs alone kill more than 1,600 people a week, worldwide.) In a free society, why should the government, favoring a monopoly, decide what medicines we take?

Especially when it’s been proven in clinical studies that Tobacco is the real "gateway drug." It is more addicting than heroin and kills more than all illegal drugs, wars, disease, and traffic accidents combined. Although neither tobacco nor alcohols are called drugs by our leaders, both are dangerous drugs. Alcohol makes most people do stupid things. It is responsible for a large number of traffic accidents, most domestic violence and much violent behavior in general – a bad drug.

William is an artist interested in science and history who has created a classically beautiful and informative T-shirt that relays the historical, scientific and cultural reasons why we should not only legalize hemp, but switch to hemp for our growing fuel needs.

These informational T-shirts promote a historical precedence for the legalization of hemp: George Washington, the father of our country, grew and smoked it. Both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were written on hemp paper, and it’s time we honour the principles of freedom and self-determination that these documents represent by standing up for it.

Hemp is not just about getting high, which is just ONE of the THOUSANDS of uses of this ancient and versatile plant. We need to legalize hemp to correct our oxygen, global warming, and carbon problems.

The real fuel of internal combustion engines is oxygen. Most of the oxygen in our atmosphere was created between 35 and 115 million years ago during the Paleozoic and Cretaceous periods. At the end of the Cretaceous period, we had about 27% oxygen in the atmosphere. Now we now have only about 18% oxygen in our ecosphere. The five nucleotides that make up our brains and DNA need 16% oxygen to survive.

We are rapidly running out of the oxygen it takes to support human brains and our DNA. Plankton currently creates 60% of the oxygen we breathe. They live in the top 18 inches of our oceans. Plankton are being polluted out of existence by oil spills, continental fertilizer runoff, etc. 

We’ve cut down half of our planet’s forests since 1960. As a result of these suicidal actions, the world’s temperatures are rising, as are those of our oceans, further diminishing plankton growth. More people are driving cars than ever, producing more carbon and higher temperatures, using up the oxygen we need to breathe and sustain life.

What can we do about all this? Here are some facts and suggestions: 

1) Hemp, the fastest growing plant on the planet, produces more oxygen than any other plant that grows in any climate except Polar Regions.

2) Hemp absorbs more carbon per acre than any other plant with hardly any water and without pesticides. Its leaves can be baled like hay and transported to make alcohol to run car engines.

3) Hemp seed oil powers diesel engines without refinement or additives. The original fuel used by Mr. Diesel for his engines, hemp oil produces little carbon and no carbon monoxide, or the pinging of diesel fuels we now use, without the poisonous additives. 

4) Growing enough hemp to fuel our autos could rebuild the ozone layer in a few decades. 

5) Growing hemp cools the atmosphere, attracts rain, and could end the extreme weather patterns that now plague us. 

6) Industrial hemp grows well using sewage for fertilizer, reducing cost and pollution of our waters, eliminating the need for chlorine that destroys the ozone. 

7) Hemp is much cheaper than petroleum. Considering the cost of protecting our secret oil pipeline from the Caucasus Mountains through Afghanistan and Iraq to the Persian Gulf, not to mention the atrocities, human misery, and environmental and fiscal costs of war. 

8) Hemp byproducts range from ice cream and bread that are complete proteins, to much stronger plywood than that made from trees. There are hundreds of other uses for hemp pulp.

9) Hemp for fuel can help eliminate the need for toxic petroleum-based oil and keep our money at home. 

During World War I, it took Kaiser Wilhelm only six weeks to switch all vehicles in Germany to alcohol to avoid the Allied fuel blockade he anticipated. We could do something similar, if allowed. Gas and oil lobbies will postpone any real solution until it is too late. Petroleum companies threaten the existence of all life on planet earth. Their fear of switching to hemp for fuel is the real reason why pot is illegal. It is totally non-toxic. The same cannot be said for petrol.

See their web site and advertise your political agenda with our colorful hemp/organic cotton and 100% cotton T-shirts:  www.HempForFuel.net or email: [email protected] Postal Address: PO Box 1062, Makawao, Maui, HI 96768 (USA)  To subscribe to their mailing list: [email protected]