Heal the World

Streeet ChildrenStreet children

If you love kids and can’t get enough of how cute your five-year-old neighbour is, this could be the cause for you. Each traffic signal is an example of just how many children there are who desperately need your help.

Do your bit: Get a few like-minded friends together and kick-start your venture. Create awareness amongst the kids about basic issues like health and hygiene. Teach them the ABCs and the 123s. Give them your old books. Put up street plays – they are a great way of drawing attention to your cause. The kids’ll learn something and you’ll have fun doing it, too!

Spreading the word

All right, now that you’ve decided what cause you want to support and are doing your bit, how do you get others interested? Thanks to the internet and its amazing networking capabilities, it isn’t difficult at all Here’s how you can make your presence felt.

Start a blog

Blogs are a great way to voice your opinions and let people know how you really feel. Start a blog about your experiences and fill it up with everything you’ve done for your cause, and express the fact that you’d like more people to help, as well. Ask your friends to subscribe to your blog, so they’ll be able to stay updated. And once they start reading, they’ll want to be in on it, too!

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Bird feeders

Remember those cute little sparrows that used to chirp at your window all day long? There aren’t as many as there used to be, and they need your help if they’re to make a comeback and brighten up our cities.

Do your bit: Make a bird feeding platform in your balcony and fill it with grains, seeds and other cereals. If you have a garden, you can even make a bird house. Work on letting all of your friends and relatives know, and encourage them to do the same.

Clothes drives

We have so many clothes lying around in our closets that we haven’t used for years, or just don’t fit into. Time to dig all of them out!

Do your bit: Get everyone in your family to donate clothes. Ask your friends, too. You’ll be surprised at how many clothes you will have to donate at the end of it!

Social Networking Sites

Who doesn’t spend time on Facebook and Orkut? And with good reason, too; look at how addictive they are! So use this to your advantage, and let your entire friend list know what you’re doing. Create groups for your cause on these sites and invite your friends to join. You can then use the forums to let people know what they can do. For something like a clothes drive, you can create an event and ask people to attend. You can even publish a link to your blog on your Facebook or Orkut account.

senior citizensSenior Citizens

We all love grandparents – they tell us the most awesome stories, always listen to what we have to say and end up taking our side when we’re fighting with our parents! And I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that old people deserve to be treated with respect.

Do your bit: If you live in a building or a colony, speak to other young people in the society and organise a special ‘senior citizens’ night. It could have songs, dances, performances … you name it. It will give you a chance to showcase your talents, and at the same time, you’ll bring smiles to a lot of faces.

Taking it to the next level to create awareness, employment and education. If you have achieved your goals in your surrounding areas, take your cause to nearby cities or move it to the rural areas. Approach corporate houses for funds and sponsorship. Affiliate yourself with other NGOs that campaign for the same or similar causes.

If you want more, you can refer to this website www.ngosindia.com.