Have a Green Christmas in Budapest this year

ecological christmas trees

Some tips for a nice Green Christmas for our readers in Hungary…

If you’re looking for some gifts that make a difference in the world, then these suggestions from Dan at Treehugger Dan’s are well worth checking out.

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Some shops worth checking out as well:

Greff Elektronika (V. ker, Bank u. 1, M-F 8-17, tel: 332-8083) for electronic goods.

Shoe repair with the old lady in the courtyard of Izabella u. 73 or 75, "Cipesz" (ground floor across the courtyard).

At 1067 Csengery u. 36, there is Magda Szabo, a nice, quick tailor/seamstress who is often open late for emergency repairs. Tel: 1-342-6594

There is also good zipper repair near Ferenciek tere in the courtyard by the church (czipzar).

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