Go green with your travel

Many consider having a car vital to their daily journey to work however cars are one of the major causes of pollution and cause untold damage to the environment.

Due to the number of people who rely on their car and the current state of the environment, green cars were introduced. Green cars are environmentally friendly and have less pollutant emissions with sustainable fuel resources used to provide the power.

 As a result, journeying in such vehicles is beneficial to the world and extremely cost effective to the individual – but are there other green options also available?

The benefits of driving green

Driving a green car has a number of cost savings and benefits in comparison to the conventional car. The cost of buying fuel or energy efficient cars is in most cases only marginally more expensive when compared with purchasing a conventional one but it is the ongoing cost savings that make the true difference.

The most obvious benefit of owning an electric or hybrid car is reduced fuel costs. The average hybrid car will save the owner 38% in fuel in the city and 19% on the motorway. The only cost involved in the electric car, for example,  is the electricity to charge it.

Further to this, sulphur and carbon emissions are greatly reduced and in most cases eliminated all together by the use of a hybrid car. This will lead to a cleaner, healthier environment for us all to live in.

The materials used to build the green cars also weigh considerably less than those used in conventional cars.  This means the vehicle is easier to manage and manoeuvre and has high power efficiency to fuel consumed.

An alternative option

If the idea of driving to work every day – even in a green car – doesn’t appeal to you then there are ways to be even greener in your travel. The Cycle to Work Scheme introduced by the Government in the UK is designed to promote healthier journeys to work; both for the individual and the planet.

The Cycle to Work Scheme allows employers to loan both cycles and cycling equipment to employees as a tax free benefit. This scheme was introduced by the Government’s Green Transport Plan to help employees cycle to work and businesses reap the benefits of a healthier, more energetic workforce.

There are many options available today to protect the environment from further pollution; the Cycle to Work Scheme was developed in a plight to promote healthier journeys to work and reduce environmental abuse by making cycling appear increasingly attractive. While a green car may boast fewer emissions than your standard gas-guzzler, a bicycle will produce none at all – how’s that for simple maths?