Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

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Getting your wisdom teeth removed is a very common dental practice, because our jaws have become smaller over time and these teeth are effectively not as useful or as effective as they once were. The process of getting them removed seems painful, but in reality it is relatively painless. This guide will talk more about the tooth extraction process, so read on to find out more.



Local anaesthetic is normally used to numb the area of the tooth that will be removed. If there are several teeth that need to be removed the person will most likely have general anaesthetic and will wake up after the procedure.


The procedure

The procedure will begin once the anaesthetic has taken effect and the surgeon will first open the gums over the tooth. The outer layer of bone is then removed, which is then followed by the connective tissue. The tooth may need to be cut into smaller pieces in order for it to be more easily removed.


After this, stitches may be necessary, but this does not always occur. The wound will then heal in a few weeks.



It is very normal for antibiotics to be prescribed, especially because there is a risk of infection. Painkillers will also be prescribed in order to help you to deal with any pain from the surgery. These are very important to take after the procedure and ensure a speedy and painless recovery.


Other things

After your teeth are removed you naturally need to be aware of a few things so that you can minimise your healing time, such as:

  • Being careful not to eat food that may aggravate the wound. For example, very hard, hot, chewy or cold food. Yoghurt can be a godsend after your wisdom teeth are removed.
  • Ensuring that the wound is kept clean and any dressings are replaced regularly in order to speed up the healing process and prevent any kind of infection
  • Ensuring that you are careful not to touch the face or mouth while the anaesthetic is still taking effect. You can really hurt yourself without realising!


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