Garden offices: A potentially great product for the self-employed

Homes often play a role in the working lives of the self-employed.

For example, Office for National Statistics data released last year and covering the period from April to June 2012 suggested that, in this time frame, most self-employed people’s work was connected to their home in one way or another. 

Overall, 58 per cent of self employed people used their property in a way that was connected to their business.

Some 15 per cent actually worked from their home, with five per cent working on the grounds.

Then there were 38 per cent whose home was a base of some kind when it came to their work.

A garden office is a solution that some self-employed people might want to consider when it comes to doing work activities at home.

It’s not a necessary addition for all self-employed people, of course, and some may not see the need for such an outside-office.

In the 2012 ONS stats, the most common occupation among the self-employed was being a taxi driver or chauffeur.

Such people might not often need to do office-style tasks. But then again, even in this line of work, there may be admin that needs doing for which a great office would be a brilliant help.

And for other types of self-employed work, it’s conceivable that almost all tasks will be carried out in an office, or in the kind of space that can be created using a garden room (they can be used for much more besides offices).

Self-employed people may have come accross messages recently encouraging them to consider garden room offices for their work.

For people who want to work from home, these can potentially provide a great range of benefits – and so could be a great choice for many people who work for themselves.

The Garden Office is a great example of a brand that supplies garden rooms for this sort of use.

One of the main selling points of rooms like those they provide is that they give you some of the advantages of having an office based outside of the home as well as some of those that you can enjoy when working from a room in the house.

For example, the garden office can be situated in a garden, therefore very much still part of the home. Yet it is also its own building – it can be a distinct workplace.

The sense of ‘going to work’ in a specific building that’s there especially for that purpose is maintained with a garden room of this sort. For some, this could help boost the feeling that their workspace is a purely professional space.

Yet the room is also often mere metres from the back door of the worker’s own home – meaning there’s no more commute and you can get up much closer to the start of the working day than you might otherwise be able to – potentially using time much more efficiently.

Even if you work for many hours of the day, the proximity to the home can mean a garden office helps create more family time – it’s much easier to pop in for dinner with the kids, then nip back out to do another hour of work when needs be, for example, than it would be if you were in a more remote office.

Another advantage of The Garden Office’s garden rooms is their customisability – you’ll be having the space built to a size that is suitable for whatever you need the office for, so long as it’s not bigger than the largest size offered by the company, or too big for the amount of land you have to play with.