Environmentalism, an Introduction…

tree loveWith increasing levels of pollution and a growing number of disappearing species of both plants and animals, the environmental concerns started gaining importance.

The discoveries made by scientists related to the hazardous effects of certain popular chemicals used in industries and pesticides, gave birth to actively protesting groups seeking bans on such items.

Many regional and global phenomenons influenced the environmentalists to raise their voice against the age-old practices and technologies with harmful effects on the environment.

Environmentalism is not only about activism or protests but also about scientific management and rational use of environmental resources.

Environmentalists are people who protest any practice or activity that leads to degradation of environment, and seek to conserve our natural resources.

Globalisation v/s Regionalism, industrialisation, global warming, genetic engineering, occupational hazards, conservation of natural resources, pollution control, waste management and sustainable development are getting intense attention these days.

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There are different organisations, lobbies and forums, through which environmentalists influence the government, legislation, and people to adopt such options and policies which are environment friendly. Many individuals like academicians, writers, artists, geographers, photographers, journalists etc. through their works, make efforts to motivate the society to join the environmental movements and adopt a green approach.

People’s participation in such movements has increased over time. Many organisations are actively promoting environmental causes, governments of many countries are responding to the need of the hour through considerable number of environment friendly treaties, policies and legislations.

It is obvious that a number of alternative lifestyles and eco-friendly practices, such as organic food, recycled products, bio-fuels, eco-tourism, green marriage, to name a few, has emerged (though they are quite expensive) but are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the elite, educated and rich classes.

Environmentalism has even given birth to the new generation of youth who tag themselves as ‘eco-sexual’. There are enough controversies about such new social trends and it is doubtful whether such people espouse the true ideals of environmentalism, but it is true that someway they are helping the concept spread.

Siddhartha Guin is a freelance writer. He has a master degree in Environmental Science and has a background in service, industry, sales/marketing and government sector. Visit him at : http://siddharthaguin.bravehost.com