Could environmental products save you money?

We’ve all been there. In a shop run by a chap with dreadlocks who talks to you about how amazing his selection of recycled incense is.

Half intrigued, and half wanting to escape from the awkward social interaction (okay, mostly the latter), you decide to buy the stuff – but are less than happy to see the price on the till drum up to something about four times more expensive than you thought. Never. Again.

But don’t let this lowlight in your life turn you off ethically sourced, energy saving goods – as there are plenty of people with normal hair and real jobs (ouch!) that use environmental products and save a shed-load of money while doing so.

Online retailers like the Ethical Superstore have lowered prices and brought goods like energy saving light bulbs and eco-friendly laundry products to the mainstream.

All of us would like a little more cash in our pockets, but sometimes it is hard to know where to find savings.

Money, money, money

Light bulbs probably aren’t the first place you’d look to cut your expenditure, but what most people don’t know is how much damage their old incandescent appliances are doing to their bank accounts – let alone the environment.

Simply switching over to LED lights could save you and your family hundreds of pounds over the products lifetime, all while reducing carbon emissions. What’s not to love!


Everyone, and we mean everyone, hates doing the laundry. The staticity that ruins your hair, the t-shirt that your son thought would be appropriate to wear five days in a row and is now stinking up his room and the insanely high detergent prices. It’s rubbish. The end.

But there are ways that you can make it a little bit more bearable on the financial side. Take buying eco-friendly liqui-tabs that work at lower temperatures for example.

These might cost a little more than your bog standard liqui-tab upfront, but could save you hundreds of pounds a year if you switch from a 60 degrees C wash to 30 spin cycle.


But isn’t being environmental at odds with being frugal? Not in our book!

One of the most important aspects of living an environmentally friendly life is to consume as little as possible and a wide range of new products enable you to do just that.

It might seem a bit odd, the idea of buying something to reduce the amount of, well, buying that you do – but is something rooted in financial fact and could save you thousands of pounds a year.

Showered with money

Take the new range of shower monitors available on the market for example.

While you might think these gadgets would be a little expensive up front – there are some products available for less than £10 – offering a fantastic opportunity to lower water usage and, with it, those horrible quarterly bills that we all seem to forget about.


Most shower monitors come with suction caps and lanyards that allow them to hang easily from shower heads and – of course – they are also water resistant, so don’t worry about toning down that Whitney Houston routine you have been perfecting each morning for the last three months.