Cool Things to Do in New Zealand

One of the coolest and dare I say, most enchanting, places in the world, is New Zealand. It has the reputation of beautiful, fun, and laid back. There is almost no better combination in the world for a place to take holiday. When you get to New Zealand here are some cool things that you should plan to do!

Visit the Shire

The famous Lord of the Rings Trilogy was shot in New Zealand and the trilogy has become part of the fabric of the country. There’s a giant sculpture of Gollum in Wellington airport as just one example. But there is a real life Shire in New Zealand that you can adventure though. You actually have the option to visit a lot of different areas of the film as they used several locations. You can even walk to Mordor, although it is not done simply. The Shire can be found on the Alexander Farm about 2 hours outside of Auckland.

Go Around in Campervan

One of the best things to do in New Zealand is to rent a camper van. This kind of holiday takes care of a few important things for you right off the bat. You have your sleeping conditions and your transportation worked out for your whole trip. It’s a good thing to know that no matter where you are you’ll have a ride or a place to sleep. Getting a campervan is a great way to road trip the country and visit several different towns and cities along the way.

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Speaking of Road Trips….

Taking a road trip from Christchurch to Auckland, or vice versa, is a once in a lifetime experience. The trip is 16 hours if you go straight through, but how much fun would that be? Take your time with it. Stop in different towns along the way and see how unique each place is. Take time to gaze at the mountains and glaciers instead of just passing by. Maybe even take a hike one day and get lost in nature. Be warned though that the road is quite curvy and can be dangerous at times with strong winds that could push your vehicle around on the road.

Venture Through the Waitomo Caves

If bugs that seem to have supernatural powers freak you out, then you may want to skip this adventure. The Waitomo Caves are home to glow worms. These little creatures line the walls and ceiling of the Cave giving them an luminous feature that resembles something out of a sci-fi movie. You can pay a lot for a guided tour, or make your way to a car park off Tumutumu Road where you can pick up a trail to hike to the caves by yourself. Think about doing the hike twice (takes only 40 mins), once in the morning so you can have a look at it and again at night so you can see the worms glow.