Cleaner and fresher air without pollutants


We often do not realise that we are constantly subjected to toxic gases, bad odours and pollutants in all the places we visit, work and play, including our homes and offices…

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Studies from the United States and Europe have discovered that people in industrialised countries spend more than 90% of their time indoors. The percentage is probably higher with infants, the elderly and persons with chronic illnesses.

Research in this area has further established that contaminated gases, pollutants, odours and chemical fumes existing indoors far exceed those found outdoors. The places of utmost concern are those involving prolonged, continued exposure like the home, the school and the workplace.

NewForm TechArt Pte Ltd, has introduced a new and an innovative method of cleaning air with the use of activated carbon – a truly unique adsorbent for almost all kinds of contaminated gases, pollutants, odours and chemical fumes. Available in two models, the NewFresh Vase NV100 and the NewFresh Coral NC 100, air is cleaned by enhancing the air adsorption property of activated carbon with its patented revolving and aerodynamic airflow system.

The revolving and aerodynamic airflow system energises air flow to achieve a higher rate of air penetration into the carbon cavities empowering it with sufficient time for air adsorption, achieving an efficacious air cleaning in the process.

This is a totally effective and purely natural way of cleaning air with the use of highly activated carbon, the de facto adsorbent for almost all kinds of contaminated gases, pollutants, odours and chemical fumes.

Effective Results

NewFresh air purifiers have been tested by TUV SUD PSB Singapore, and the results have proven NewFresh air purifiers are effective in removing bacteria, fungi and odours.

NewFresh Vase NV100

NewFresh Vase NV100

At 240 mm length and 90 mm diameter, and weighing a mere 350 grams, this is the world’s first activated carbon DC 12V air purifier with speed adjustable dual fans. These fans are used to power air flow at inlet and outlet, maximising its air cleaning efficiency and effectiveness.

The tornado effect created by the revolving and aerodynamic airflow system air filtering process provides 100% (non-toxic & chemical-free) natural way of cleaning air. Its replaceable filter cartridge is elliptically shaped to enhance air flow.

NewFresh Coral NC100

NewFresh Coral NC100

This is for use in a car, or any vehicle, to effectively remove unwanted odours, harmful gases and chemical fumes such as benzene, formaldehyde, tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide, ammonia and ozone. Measuring 76 mm diameter and 43 mm in height, its unique form factor in black or white blends well with the interior of your car while its replaceable filter pack of highly activated granular carbon works hard on cleaning the air.

The fan powers up the air flow and speeds up the air filtering process to give your car fresh, almost odour-free, air for a comfortable drive.

The activated carbon in both the NewFresh Vase NV100 and NewFresh Coral NC100, is widely used in environmental, medical and several other industries for its adsorption property, has been specially processed to make it exceptionally porous and thus have a large surface area sufficient for effective pollutants and chemicals adsorption.

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