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The environmental impact of video games

video game garbageEverybody loves to play video games, but the damage the increasing popularity of these games cause is not child’s play. This infographic outlining the environmental impact of video games shows how the billions of pounds of plastics and electronics really put a heavy weight on the waste cycle, so perhaps its time they start thinking differently about their race to come up with the "next big thing" via planned obsolescence.


Radioactive beer

The most peculiar rumor has started to spread through Prague. You hear it everywhere. But whether it is based on anything more than the usual diffuse Bohemian paranoia no – one can really say. The rumor is simply this: that Czech beer is radioactive.

What is that black stuff in your nose?

THINK about the fact that every day you breathe air that has been proven toxic in the laboratory; shortening life-span, retarding growth, stunting your development. Challenge yourself to make a difference. Think globally. Act locally. But act now.

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