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Saving sharks, one bowl at a time

Saving sharks, one bowl at a time

Fairmont Singapore Partners with ACRES in Fight to Save the Sharks

As the battle to save sharks reaches new depths, 600 bowls of eco-friendly, cruelty-free and equally delicious soups were offered to the public by Fairmont Singapore to help create awareness on sustainable seafood, and reinforce the message that there are culinary alternatives to eco-altering shark’s fin soup.

Brothers and Sisters on the Dinner Plate

There are over 6,000,000,000 humans on this planet. By contrast, there are just 20,000 bonobos, 120,000 chimpanzees and 50,000 gorillas left outside captivity. They are our closest relatives. Incredibly, the few that are still alive are hunted and eaten as “bushmeat”, by soldiers and workers of logging companies.

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