Calling all Creatives! Are you ready for the challenge?


work, worry, consume, die


We have all changed the world forever. For good?

Creatives, advertisers, marketeers, we are on track for world domination (destruction)…

Soon we will have manipulated the whole world into a lifestyle where all are dependant upon material necessity… dependant upon a never-ending consistent reliance upon the natural resources of the planet… China, India, Africa and Asia are infatuated with having the same material lifestyle of those oh so happy Western American and European people.

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Never have we been so needed to assist in tempting so many with the fabricated promises of an apparently more desirable world. We know now the planet is buckling, it cannot take it any more… we are winning, a few more crap campaigns to the gullible and victory is ours.

How wonderful it is to be in the creative industry… we make people buy stuff they don’t need to impress people who don’t care… we make rubbish a worthy commodity out of a seemingly endless supply of natural beauty (what’s that?)… and in turn we have all been able to change and conquer the whole world forever. Let’s give ourselves a fat big pat on the back.

We are the catalysts for this world destruction… we invaded and initiated people’s mindsets, attacked their naturally insecure gullible nature, we have cheated people into a lifestyle they believe is better… we made people what they are today… that war in Iraq is all about finding enough fuel to sustain your lifestyle, while cost-cutting measures and laissez-faire bleed death into the Gulf of Mexico… we have changed the world.

It’s time we turned the tables and started changing the world for the better. Shall we say a new bullshit… if it makes you fell better?

We have used our vast creative potential to create… destruction. That’s been our job. But we now have a more important job as communicators, as those who have been responsible for the messages polluting mindsets the world over. We need to challenge our vast creative potential, (that wall of awards you won for products that in 90% of cases are useless,) to communicate sense.

A common sense that reverses the decline… to consult our clients correctly, to advise them that the “brand thing” is only worth as much as its concern for the ethics of your environment, to change the way the public behave… to realize money is an abstract concept… planet earth is not… it is the most valuable currency we’ll ever know apart from our own flesh (everybody not included).

YES, we have the power to change the world for the better. Us marketeers, creatives, ad people (THE COMMUNICATORS) can actually serve a purpose for good.

Your Clients, the Government, are crying out for campaigns that push consumer’s save the environment button. They’re just too busy, stuck in meetings, to do anything positive… it’s your job to take the initiative… to lead.

I’ve only got half a page so I’m not going to give you all the answers if I had them (I would have a whole page, but the other half goes to waste and a picture of my ugly mug) but think about what you’re doing… the implications of it… don’t give up, it’s not the end of advertising and marketing.

If you’re willing to be part of the solution, you’ve never been more necessary.

So here’s the challenge, create advertisements to help raise people’s awareness or to help change harmful behaviours which you have noticed and think needs more attention. Email them to use at [email protected] and we will post them on this site as they come in. There’s no financial rewards, just the chance to put your creative mind to work and help make the change the world needs.