Borrowing the Earth from our Childen

borrowing the earth from our future

Earth’s over-population level is rising so fast we’re going to have to:(A) Leave an overpopulated wasteland filled with barbarism and disease unequaled in history.

(B) Let our population rise so high that governments will intervene and FORCE us to slow down.

(C) Have the New World Odor control population via bio-, chemical- or mechanical warfare.

(D) Wise up, and utilize our humanity and brains and overpower our urges to have cute little spitting images of our superficial vanity.

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Thank you for choosing (D). Though it may already be too late, let’s be optimistic and give it a shot! The instinct to reproduce insures a species survival, but can also seal it’s death warrant. If you want a child, ADOPT!

Will we welcome home every last orphan on Earth before we blindly produce more babies like some sheep too dumb to realize they’re overgrazing their island?

Adopt a Chinese’s, African’s, Indian’s, German’s, Eskimo’s, Pygmies’ precious orphan, set aside your superficial differences! You’ll get superior satisfaction from raising a child who thinks and breathes your intellect and decency, not just another carbon copy of the outer you.

Just imagine a sharing community-oriented, color-blind individual who will make you so proud, and reward your heart ten-fold for making the selfless choice to adopt.

The children are our future. Let’s teach them how to care, by example. Set one today. You may think it’s too hard to adopt, that it takes too much planning and having to prove that you possess the resources to raise a child.

But if you do give in and have your own child (just one, please! ), you had better prove to yourself that you can provide for it. Contact any family planning clinic, they’ll set you on the right track and inform you of the endless details you’ve probably never imagined are involved with having a baby. Why does a person have to take a test to drive a car, yet they can have children to no end?

You may ask yourself, “Why isn’t Government and Big Business making an honest effort to encourage non-reproductive behavior?”

Here are some bones to chew on: The higher the population, the lower the costs of labor.

?If there are more people competing for fewer resources, members of the lower economic classes will spend all their time struggling for mere subsistence, distracted from what is going on in politics, and too busy to care, while the affluent have more free time with which to become politically active, swaying tax laws in their favor and further subjugating the masses.

?They just don’t care.

?I’m wrong.

Be reminded that civilization is something that is learned. In the past, the birth of a child was truly a blessing, for it meant another pair of hands to work for the future. Today it means a drain on the Earth’s dwindling resources. If tomorrow’s people are too wrapped up in daily survival (competing for what’s left) to transmit the finer elements (if any) of civilization to their children, will the future become a techno-literate dark age?


It took from the beginning of time to 1950 AD for Earth to grow 2. 5 billion people. It took only 40 more years to double that! Modest estimates (based on current growth rates) place Earth’s population at 6. 5 billion by the year 2000, and by the year 2025… 11 billion people! Better get used to roommates, lots of them and in your lifetime! Zoikes! ! !

A desperate plea. Humanity must attain zero-population-growth via voluntary effort from each and every individual, before it’s mandated, as it is in China. If not, the population of the human race will be controlled by horrific, miserable and avoidable (let’s hope) occurrences. Once we reach ZPG, we may tackle the problems we already face, with some sense of hope and human efficacy. Only then may we sanely increase our numbers, and maybe even one day, populate the heavens. Live to think, think to live!

You can dismiss (bleat) the above (bleat). It’s just the (bleat) rantings of a Malthusian gloomster (bleat).

Zero Population Growth
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ZPG is the largest non-profit membership organization fighting over-population in the world today. Los Ninos International (an adoption agency) may be contacted through ZPG.