American’s Misguided Energy Strategy

One gets rather sick of listening to the "drill baby, drill" crowd, especially in light of Romney saying if he had to, he’d build the pipeline himself… more giveaways to the petroleum lobby? But what if…

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While these environmentally noxious fossil fuel industries (oil, gas, coal) are making record-breaking profits, one has to wonder why government subsidizes these established and very profitable industries with billions of dollars in corporate welfare… (oh that’s right, petroleum owns all our politicians).

That goes a long way towards explaing why the solar energy industry gets so little in government subsidies – an inexhaustible resource able to provide most of the energy needed for a sustainable future if it were only to be properly developed. This makes no sense at all, we should be investing in developing new technologies, not giving cash giveaways to prop up the most profitable industry on the planet!