A List of Major Considerations when Purchasing Your Very Own Whirlpool Bath for Your Home

 Whirlpool baths have been around for a long time, and we all know that the therapeutic effects of strong water pressure (such as in a whirlpool bath) have immense benefits for our health and overall well-being as well.


If you are seriously thinking of having a whirlpool bath installed in your own bathroom, you’d be amazed at the many options available to you. But along with this comes a list of major considerations as well. It is in your best interest to think carefully about these considerations as they can make or break your whirlpool bath installation. 

  1. The bath’s shape and size

One of the foremost considerations is, of course, your bath’s size. The good news is that whirlpool baths come in a wide range of sizes and shapes today. Sizes range from one-person to two-person whirlpool baths, and the most common shapes include rectangular, circular, and corner-fit.

The size of your bathroom (and the available space) will usually determine the size of your whirlpool bath. The shape is also affected by your bathroom’s size. For instance, if you have a smaller bathroom, then you’d do well to choose a corner whirlpool bath, which takes up less space than a circular bath.

  1. Type of bath

There are also different considerations when it comes to the style or type of your whirlpool bath. You can opt for a recessed whirlpool bath, for example, which can be suitably installed in a corner or alcove. You can also choose to have a drop-in whirlpool bath, which you can install on a platform or install below the level of the floor. One great aspect about drop-in baths is the fact that you can tile or finish them according to your own bathroom’s design and theme. There are also freestanding whirlpool baths, often equipped with legs, which can be installed in the middle of the room as they don’t have to be supported by a wall.

  1. Drain location

Another important consideration which, unfortunately, many homeowners fail to think about, is the location of the drain. Often, the location of the drain becomes a problem or issue only at the last minute. What you can do, even before you purchase a whirlpool bath, is make an assessment of the drains in your bathroom and find out whether you need to move a drain or add a recess underneath the whirlpool bath which allows piping to run through to the main drainage.

  1. Your home’s doorways and hallways

Yet another consideration when purchasing a whirlpool bath is your own home’s doorways and hallways. Think about it: if your doorways or hallways are too small or narrow for the whirlpool bath, what can you do then? You have to make sure that the whirlpool bath fits through your doorways and hallways, or, if not, that the bath can be dismantled. If you have a newly-built home, you may have to fit the whirlpool bath into the room first before adding a doorway or wall.

When you have considered all the above-mentioned factors, you can then be more confident about your decision. Whirlpool bath suppliers like JT Spas (find out more about their products, including their whirlpool and freestanding baths, at http://www.jtspas.co.uk/freestanding-baths-32-c.asp) know the importance of choosing your bath wisely. With the right choice, you can rest assured that you can enjoy your whirlpool bath for years and years to come.

Image attributed to phaendin/FreeDigitalPhotos.net