5 Useful Event Promotion Tips

Holding an event is not simply a case of hiring a venue, catering and a DJ, it is much more complicated than that. You can’t just expect to organise for a few things to happen and then expect people to turn up to your event, you need to think carefully about letting the right people know and creating some excitement and allure for your event, after all people need a reason to do something or go somewhere. Read on to find out some ways to help your event be a great success.

Marketing companies

Engaging one of the various companies like Generate to market your event is the first best step to getting people aware of the event you are hosting. Marketing companies are experienced in dealing with people and will often have various connections, they also have proven strategies for targeting certain people and can get the message across to these people.

Social media

Social media is your friend and can be used as a powerful tool to let people know when and where your event is happening, you must ensure that it is very clear where it is happening and when. At the same time there must be some form of incentive to get to the event, and this will be discussed later in the article.

Remember that if your page has one thousand followers or likes that you may need to do more in the way of getting people interested in attending your event. It is important to use social media correctly to tap into the large number of people using it.

Use your connections

Do you know someone with the pulling power to get people to your event? If so it is a very good idea to get them on board with your event if possible, this may cost you something, but this is to be expected and they can get people interested in your brand and create an association between them and the brand which translates to popularity.

Engaging people with celebrity or social status will create desire for others to attend your event, think of their Facebook page displaying your event, this will surely get people curious about your brand and event. Many companies use brand ambassadors to do exactly this.