5 Great Reasons to Go Study Abroad


If you’re in university, you might enjoy the routine of studying, going to class, taking tests and hanging with your friends, but what about above and beyond that? Have you considered that you could do all of this and more while taking classes in another country? Going abroad can seriously be one of the most life-changes experiences you’ll ever have; here are 5 reasons to take the leap:


Expand Yourself

University might be a blast, but think about how far you can expand your horizons by spending a semester or year in a foreign country. You can finally see and experience the things you only read about in books, and learn about foreign cultures firsthand. Your appreciation for different cultures and humanity in general will grow in amazing ways.


Improve your Professional Potential

International experience is a highly employable trait and will look great on a resume. Employers want someone who can bring something new to the table, and if you’ve studied abroad, you might have some different skills that would put you above someone who stayed in the country for their full years of study. Students studying in London for a year might be more hireable back in America than their friends who never left the country. Traveling shows great people skills, flexibility…and the list goes on.


Learn a Language

Why sit in a college classroom for 4 years trying to learn Spanish when you can move to Madrid for a year and become fluent? Immersion in a foreign language is by far the best way to learn it fluently, so take this opportunity to broaden your skills. The bonus of this is that you’ll learn get to learn all the cultural nuances of the place you’re in, deepening your understanding of the language.


Gain New Perspectives

Traveling helps you see things about the world and yourself that you might not otherwise discover. Getting away from your home country helps you experience things from a completely different view, and gain an appreciation for different kinds of people as well. You’ll come home a lot better educated, and not just from the classes you take.


Change Yourself Forever

One very important thing to know about studying abroad is that you must be prepared for it to change your life forever. You might think you’ll just travel for a semester or a year, but the feeling of adventures and new experiences may become quite addicting. You might become a travel junkie for the long term, so embrace it and face the future with open arms!