4 eco-friendly ways to save money

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Embracing a greener lifestyle is becoming more essential than ever, not only for the environment but for our bank balance too. Green living is often wrongly regarded as expensive and farfetched due to the popularity of hybrid cars and top-of-the-range energy saving appliances in the home. But you needn’t buy into high-priced eco products to fly the green flag – you can actually cut back on your spending and be earth-friendly in the process!

Make your money stretch a little further and do your bit for the planet with these top tips for saving money the green way.

Save water

We may not realise it from day to day, but allowing our tap’s to leak after use or leaving it to run while washing dishes is quite literally pouring money down the drain. Try to only use as much as you need and repair a leaky tap at the first sign of trouble – taking action sooner will cut your water bill enormously. A great suggestion for saving on water and money throughout the year is to conserve rainwater in barrels or buckets for non-consumption purposes i.e. washing the car or watering plants.

Shop vintage

The clothes we throw away each year accounts for 4% of all the solid waste that ends up in landfill sites across the country. As such, it’s vitally important that we hang on to our old clothes to either recycle them or use them for a new purpose in the household. Old garments from sweaters to shorts can be used to make jewellery, tote bags, scarves and so much more.

To tackle the issue from both sides, try shopping at vintage and charity stores occasionally for your clothes. Not only will you find some truly unique pieces, you will learn to lower your usual clothes shopping budget and – better still – drop your carbon footprint.

Drive less

Whether we own gas-guzzlers or not, the fact of the matter is, car fuel is expensive and prices are ever on the increase. Automobiles are the primary source of air pollution and so whenever we can avoid driving, we should. Making small changes each week makes a huge difference – try arranging a carpool to school with other parents, a carpool to work with a colleague or take a long walk to the park or into town on a nice day.

Make home cleaning supplies

Today, shopping aisles are filled with cleaning products that cater to every possible need in the home but these are often expensive and contain a number of chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Save money and the planet by making your own home cleaning products instead. Things like lemon juice, white vinegar and baking soda don’t cost a lot and are miracle workers around the home. Even if there is one store-bought product you really can’t part with, substitute others for some home cleaning remedies.

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